Baer Chain

Baer Chain is an online distributed ecological game platform that is based on the blockchain technology, and it directly connects elements on the games ecological chain in an organic way, to realize the direct docking, lossless circulating and secure storing of individual values.

Baer Chain main network has been launched successfully on August 15, 2019. BRC is the sole mainnet token circulating in the Baer Chain ecosystem. BRC token is able to unleash more value outside the gaming ecosystem.
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OASIS is a truly decentralized gaming platform incubated by Singapore Baer Chain Foundation. It has come live globally since Nov 18, 2020. OASIS is dedicated to giving free access for developer, publisher, gamer and crypto lover to interact and share gaming resources in the app.    

Game developer and publishers are able to release their games on OASIS. Gamers and crypto lovers can also get rewards and profits as they complete in-game deposit via mainstream crytocurrencies like BRC.
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Brcoin is a third-party decentralized wallet developed by Baer Chain super node Baer LA based on Baer chain main network technology.

Supported by consensus of Baer Chain ecosystem, BRCoin aims to connect all ecosystem members with highly secure efficient transaction and crypto asset management service in a bid to drive the vision of open-sour, sharing and self-governed decentralization.  
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Baerscan is a third-party block explorer independently developed by super node Baer Germany, based on the main network architecture of Baer Chain.

The explorer offers data overview with optimized user experience.
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