Baer Chain Launched MainNet for Beta Test


Vincents words:

Hello everyone, Im Vincent, the founder and CEO of Baer Chain .

Since the launch of MEP (Million Ecology Project) in April 2019, we have witnessed so many exciting moments of Baer Chain:


·   We successfully held super nodes campaign and selected super nodes through global voting and established the nodes committee, opening a new chapter in Baer Chain's ecological decentralized governance;

·    We launched the "Curvature Navigationseries developers conferences, the first of which has been successfully held in Korea and will sail to Europe and North America;

·    The block explorer developed by the node team Baer LA was successfully launched, and started Baer Chain technology decentralized collaborative development;

And today, through the collaborative efforts of the nodes technical teams around the world, Baer Chain's debugging and optimization work has been successfully completed. The 21 main nodes and 30 alternative nodes are successfully merged to the MainNet, and the blocks are generated normally based on the SH-DPoS consensus mechanism.

Now, I am here to announce officially that the Baer Chain MainNet will  lanuch for Beta test !


At 10:00 on June 3, 2019 (SGT), all super node servers were successfully  merged to the MainNet. Baer Chain construct MainNet successfully, and MainNet was officially launched for beta test.


It can be seen from the backstage data of the system that all the node servers have been successfully merged. All servers started to generate blocks based on the SH-DPoS consensus mechanism.


Since its founding in 2017, Baer Chain has always focused on the blockchain + game vertical track. From forming the team to the publishing of the white paper, and from bull markets to bear markets, in every node of the project development, more and more participants joined in and formed Baer Chain’s ecology with over a million members.


As along with MEP achieved success, and Baer Chain launched MainNet for beta test, there are over 10 game development teams from different regions all over the world, developing blockchain games based on Baer Chain technology and joining Baer Chains ecology.

At the "Curvature Navigation" developers conference in South Korea, the first Baer Chain block explorer developed by the super node team Baer LA was also launched, indicating that third-party node teams now can develop based on the Baer Chain technology structure. It also indicates that Baer Chain has entered the phase of decentralized technology development in which the global super nodes cooperate and complement each other.



Since Baer Chain started Million Ecology Project, BRC has been rapidly increasing, as Vincent stated:

BRC is an indicator of the value of Baer Chain, and the trend of BRC reflects the market's perception of the development and future value of Baer Chain. Whether it is the smooth progress of MEP or the successful launch of Baer Chain's MainNet, it is the embodiment of Baer Chain value.

In June, Baer Chain’s “Curvature Navigation” developers conferences will continue to be held in Europe at the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO 2019, the largest blockchain exhibition in Europe. At the same time, we will invite European blockchain industry experts to hold round table meetings to discuss the technological innovation and breakthroughs in the global blockchain industry.

 With the official open beta testing of the Baer Chain MainNetthe "Curvature Navigation" developers conferences will continue to be held in other countries and accelerate to obtain better achievements.