Baer Chain Initiated Curvature Navigation Conference Tour--- First Stop: Korea




The Super Nodes campaign launched by Baer Chain in April caused great reaction both inside and outside the industry. After nearly one month of voting, Baer Chain's 21 super nodes and 30 alternative nodes were successfully selected. All elected nodes established the Baer Chain Nodes committee, and then voted on the #01 proposal, "Nodes Committee Governance Charter", which has passed according to the voting result. Subsequently, the charter was officially published.

The Million Ecology Project is becoming more and more influential, but Baer Chain will never stop moving forward after its series of success. In late May, Baer Chain will begin to hold multiple developers conferences themed Curvature Navigation globally. The conferences will focus on the development trend of the blockchain by bringing together the top game developer teams, high-quality investors and influential press in the global blockchain industry. There will be In-depth communication and discussion on topics such as game development. The first stop of the event will be held in South Korea, which has the leading blockchain technology in the world.


Baer Chain, as the world's first technology-driven distributed game ecosystem platform, created a ecosystem with free circulation of value by using embedded blockchain technology. Through its blockchain technology, the market elements such as game players, developers and third-party service providers are optimally configured to realize the digital assetization, transparency and openness of the global blockchain game industry, thereby accelerating the application of the technology.


As people know, games will be one of the first application scenarios for blockchain technology. As a pioneer of the global game public blockchain, Baer Chain is designed to help game developers create and manage blockchain games on a blockchain-based ecosystem platform. It also helps developers not have to worry about complex infrastructure during the development process.

For the traditional game industry, the technological revolution that the blockchain can bring is not a simple 1+1, but an exponential growth. Baer Chain desires to have in-depth exchanges with the global industry elites, focusing on topics such as transactions of digital assest, blockchain application scenarios, payment security, etc., via this MeetUp conference in South Korea. 


“Curvature Navigation” is a conference tour held by Baer Chain for all participants in the game ecosystem, and it will the world's highest-scale annual conferences. By then, the world's best game development teams will come from all over the world to share and learn the most cutting-edge game development technologies.


The head of Baer Chain Southeast Asia stated that South Korea being the first stop of the MeetUp conferences indicates how important Korean market is to Baer Chain. Baer Chain is also looking forward to cooperating with Korea in all aspects to boost the arrival of the Baer Chain 3.0 era.

After South Korea, Baer Chain will adhere to the international development route, continuing to increase investment in international markets, including Asia, North America and Europe, and striving to construct a more diversified international ecosystem to help the long-term development of its projects.