Baer Chain Construct MainNet Process on Test Network




Register Node Account

Firstly Node committee members need to register a unique account with the team node name on and use the account to join the theme forum. Among them, "Nodes-committee" is a private room, and only node committee member accounts can be invited to enter with right to discuss, propose and vote.



The committee will start voting for the #01 proposal on May 10th: "The Draft of the Node Committee Governance Charter". Please register in advance and join the "Nodes-Committee" section to participate in the discussion.


Construct MainNet Process

Step1:Log in below address for required files to construct Baer Chain MainNet


In the right side of the page, refer to the relevant documents for server setup and MainNet construction preparation.


Step2:Please read《Baer Chain Super Node Guide》carefully, and prepare the server hardware according to the "Super Node Hardware Configuration Requirements" content in the guideline. It is recommended to use the Amazon AWS Cloud Service.

Step3:Compile according to the "Baer Chain Compilation Guideline";


Step4:Compile the completed node binary program, refer to the content 《BaerChain Network Connection》 to configure and run. Wait until the feedback is normal, prepare the information including the server IP address, node ID, and block out address for MainNet construction needs.

Step5:Please complete the preparation of step1-step4 before May 12th, and submit the information required for contructing MainNet to the “Nodes-Committee”section. If there are any questions or seeking technical support, pls also come out in the room;


Step6:After the information required for all nodes constructing MainNet is collected, Baer Pioneer will lead to construct MainNet and release the test network configuration file on May 12th. After all nodes download the configuration file to the node server and run on the server,  MainNet construction is completed.