Baer Chain CAO A-Ray : Technology comes first, develop the ecology and take the lead in the Vertical field of Blockchain+Games


Throughout the industry, although it has just experienced the "destruction" of the bear market, many real and fake projects have disappeared, but there are still many applications still in research and development. From the development logic of “first-level public chain, post-industry application”, the performance of the current underlying public chain has not yet matured, so the performance of various applications built on it is often limited.

However, if Blockchain technology is really try to change the real life, it must achieve its application. From this point of view, the development of the public chain is imminent. Bear Chain chose to enter the game field and is committed to the global game industry Blockchain application development.

Bear Chain CAO A-Ray said in an interview with Golden Finance that the game has a natural virtual scenarios and a considerable consumer’s market. The data shows that the total output value of the global gaming market is expected to exceed $151 billion by 2020. "So we think that the game is an industry that is suitable for Blockchain applications and has broad development space.


A-Ray, the founder and CAO of BAER Chain.Graduated from Hongkong University of Science and Technology, later, studied in Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the major of computer science and the minor of fine arts and visual arts. Proficient in C#, Objective-C and JAVA, have more than 10 years working experience in game creation and development. Worked in Hongkong Run Up Game and Korean NEOWIZ as senior executives successively, and guided department members to finish prototype design and creation of game characters. In 2015, established GogiiGames in Hongkong and developed the game Xijingzhi independently, which was purchased by Tencent later.


Bear Chain is a distributed game ecosystem based on blockchain technology architecture. A-Ray said that the team will focus on the core content and logic development of the game based on the blockchain technology architecture. Through the design of Bear Chain, how to provide higher speed for game developers on the public chain; deeper optimization at the service level and so on.

Baer Chain public chain development into the sprint phase


In many explorations of Blockchain application scenarios, Blockchain games are considered by many to be the best choice to activate the Blockchain users. Therefore, it occupies more than half of the country. but it also comes with a lot of problems to be solved, such aspoor game experience, slow running speed, high game cost and so on. In the past year, Baer Chain has fixed many issues in the previous Blockchain games, and promoting the real application of Blockchain game applications. On this basis, the technical team has further strengthened the development of supporting technologies. For example, digital fingerprints can flexibly set permissions, and define ownership, use rights, and revenue rights. Whether the player takes the data to play at somewhere else, or hand it over to the someone else to play for them, it can guarantee its flexibility and security.

Baer Chain ecological new member——Baer Labs


A-Ray said that information is the most abundant resource in the blockchain industry. After the technology explosion truly realizes the application landing, the social pattern will inevitably undergo irreversible profound changes. Baer Chain has accumulated a lot of technical and ecological information and experience advantages in the project development process. As a result, Baer Labs, a new organization focused on industry research, was established to expand the global ecology of Baer Chain with the aim of creating more value for participants.

Baer Labs attempts to interpret and analyze industry hotspots and political environments from a professional perspective through in-depth articles or video explanations to help users quickly grasp the industry trends and the latest market dynamics. At the same time, it also organizes industry discussion activities and feature interviews to help more users and industrial specialist to interact and answer questions.

In addition, Baer Labs will conduct an in-depth interpretation of the pains of the traditional game industry and the development of the blockchain industry, analyze the impact of the blockchain on the existing industry, and the development trend of the blockchain industry. A-Ray will also share its insights and insights on industry dynamics in a more understandable way on the Baer Labs platform. Users can find relevant content in the Baer Labs official public Baer Labs column, as well as Baer Labs official microblogging and official Twitter.