Vincent, founder of Baer Chain, wishes you all Happy New Year


Dear Baer Chain family, hello, I'm Vincent, CEO of Baer Chain.

Looking back on the past year, the industry as a whole has been in a severe winter downturn. Baer Chain not only goes against the trend in the cold winter, but also breaks through the difficulties and nirvana in this volatile market, and goes all the way to the globalized market. With the dual advantages of technology and ecology, the prosperity scenario of 600,000 ecological users has been created, and the technology landing and application landing have been achieved spontaneously.

At this time, there are feelings, appreciation and gratefulness. I would like to thank all of Baer Chain's family members for their contribution to the company. Because of your support, Baer Chain has grown from obscurity to popularity. On behalf of all the members of Baer Chain's team, I would like to extend my sincere blessings and gratefulness to you all.

Looking forward, Baer Chain will has a more remarkable new chapter. We will continue to adhere to our vision, provide better service for excellent game developers, make unremitting efforts to protect the rights and interests of users, provide more perfect and advanced technical support for the application of the global game industry and Blockchain, and create a more viable and dynamic ecological platform.

In April 2019, the main network of Baer Chain will be officially launched. We will actively take advantage of the strong technical reinforcement and expanding global market, and continue to be the leader of the Blockchain + vertical field of game.

The future block chain industry will face more opportunities and challenges. Baer Chain will work hand in hand with our family members who have always supported us, and help the Blockchain industry to make great progress!

Here, I wish my family members of Baer Chain happy new year, everything goes well and profits pulling in from all sides.